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We say goodbye to symmetry and polished interiors and welcome the perfection of imperfect design with Wabi Sabi. In Japanese philosophy, this means "the beauty of imperfection, simplicity and nature". We choose authentic materials and asymmetry and thus bring tranquillity to our homes by settling for the imperfect. We pay homage to the beauty of things by deliberately allowing natural materials to age. Find out how you can integrate Wabi Sabi into your home.


What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi comes from wabiruba, a word that means abandonment, loneliness, yearning. Sabi comes from transience and the nostalgia that goes with it. Together, this means accepting the beauty of the imperfect and transient. Living in the present rather than the past or the future is key. From a design point of view, this means that an object is never perfect and that the beauty will hide in that imperfection.

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Why this interior design trend?

Those who are tired of Pinterest perfect homes can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the new Wabi Sabi look. It doesn't always have to be neat and Scandinavian minimalism. Living in the present and lowering your standards are essential. Let go of stress about stains on cushions and threads in your rug, because it's all super trendy!

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Bringing the Wabi Sabi trend into your home without any effort

You don't have to move mountains to bring the Wabi Sabi lifestyle into your home. Leave freshly painted walls unfinished. You can just highlight the dents in the plaster. Flaking wallpaper is nothing to be ashamed of. Simple wooden tables, ceramic tableware and accessories made of natural stone bring the look right into your home. Did your nephew give you a home-made vase? Ideal! Don't buy a perfect bouquet to grace this vase, but pick your own flowers in your garden or in the meadows. Embrace the imperfection, because that's what makes this interior style really beautiful.

imperfectie wabi sabi


Raw and unprocessed

Asymmetrical furniture with a rough edge is an essential part of a Wabi Sabi interior. Arches were also a trend already, but they'll go perfectly with the Wabi Sabi look, as proven in this interior. Leave the wooden and concrete structures of the house visible as much as possible. An unfinished sink with rough materials is totally in! The more uneven the piece, the more character it will have. Our coffee table Marvin shows the uniqueness and authenticity of nature. It's made of oak and has an organic shape that depends on the cross-section of the tree trunk.Ook dressoir Oskar fits nicely into a Wabi Sabi concept due to its light oak colour. 

ruw en onbewerkt wabi sabi


Prettier with age

Buying second-hand is totally justified with the Wabi Sabi interior and is a sustainable alternative! Materials with a distressed look and traces of use are perfect. An ideal piece of furniture for your Wabi Sabi living room is our armchair Gordon. It's made of 100% natural aniline leather, a type of leather that will show history over time without losing its quality or comfort.

zetel Furnified wabi sabi


Earth tones

If you choose the Wabi Sabi interior style, you use raw materials. The colour palette will have to follow this as well. Earth tones are the way to go. They go perfectly with raw brick or concrete walls. You can also opt for the darker version of Wabi Sabi. If you prefer this style, paint the walls in a rough way in dark earthy colours and combine them with light furniture, like our white linen sofa. Leon or natural rug Agata. In this way, you create the perfect balance. 


Don't hesitate any longer and embrace the art of imperfection!


By Lien Egghe