Scandinavisch wonen doe je zo

Light colours, natural materials, clean lines and minimalist design. No more words are needed to describe the Scandinavian interior style. Due to its simplicity, this style creates a true oasis of tranquillity in your home and follows the motto of less is more. We will give you a few tips to incorporate this minimalist and functional style from the North into your interior.


Cosy and minimalistic

The ingredients for the ultimate Scandinavian look in your interior are peace, simplicity and functionality. And that's also what Scandinavian furniture perfectly radiates: simplism and minimalism, with an eye for design and quality. At first glance, a Scandinavian interior seems less cosy because of its sleek and practical look & feel. But this style succeeds like no other in combining warmth and purity. Warm wooden furniture with light legs provide spaciousness and simplicity. The colour palette also remains neutral and limited, reducing the risk of chaos. By combining warm and minimalist elements, you create a contrast that is enormously interesting and brings great depth.

Scandinavische eetkamertafel en stoelen

Source: Vitra Eames Interior


Contrasts between cosy and minimalist can actually turn out very differently. It all depends on what accents you place and what interior furnishings provide the right aura. If you work a lot at home at the dining room table, you often opt for a tighter design because it distracts as little as possible. But accessories and chairs have to give the overall look that little bit extra. Choose warmer chairs and home accessories with a graphic print and combine with a more sober table to give the impression of a natural environment.


Scandinavian interior: wood and light colours

Scandinavian design radiates calmness and is quite sober. Because the sun usually sets very early in the far North, light is a very important aspect in the house. That's why Scandinavians are fans of white and shades of grey, with an occasional black accent. Thus, not only the furniture, but also the use of colour is quite minimalist and simple. Typically Scandinavian is the grey chair with wooden legs. Also a rug, whether neutral or with geometric print, is a great addition to a Scandinavian interior.

lichtgrijze Scandinavische zetel

Source: Vitra Eames Interior


Do you find all that white a bit too clinical and cold? Then you can add some pastel shades to your interior to make it softer and warmer. Paint an accent wall in soft pink, light blue or mint green, cover your panelling with a pastel rug or provide some fine accessories in pastel.

pastelkleuren in interieur


Maximal design and comfort

When you hear Scandinavian interior design, you immediately think of functionality and quality. Design prevails but it has to be comfortable and user-friendly. Scandinavian design is also very sustainable. Not only is thought given to the ecological footprint of the production and origin of the materials, but also to the working conditions of the craftsmen who make the Scandinavian pieces.

minimalistische Scandinavisch design

Source: Hunker


Wood and natural elements

Natural materials play the leading role in any Scandinavian interior. The white core is complemented by white wooden - with or without weathering - furniture and home accessories made of oak, pine or ash. The Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Finns love wood. It should remain rough and unprocessed as much as possible so that it remains authentic and light in colour. Other natural materials such as cotton and wool also have their place in a Scandinavian home. That way you give a warm and at the same time tough touch to your interior.


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houten Scandinavische meubels 

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By Rebeca De Dobbelaer