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Choosing the right coffee table? It might seem like an easy job, but it's not. A coffee table makes or breaks your living room. Is it too big? It will unbalance your living room. Is it too small? Then the same thing will happen. Time for a few tips from Furnified to find the perfect coffee table!


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Tips & Tricks

#1: Find the right coffee table for your sofa. Stay in the same colour palette, so that everything forms a nice ensemble.

#2: Match the coffee table with the rest of your interior. It usually looks great when a dining table matches a coffee table. Take for instance marble dining table Sophia combined with marble coffee table Will. A real gem if you ask us.

#3: Match the height of your coffee table with the height of the seat of your sofa. This is just as important and often overlooked. Yet there are also coffee tables that are somewhat lower, they fit nicely into a modern interior.

#4: Match the coffee table to the length of your sofa. A suitable coffee table measures 75% of the length of your sofa. This way, you create a perfect balance between both pieces of furniture. If your sofa consists of a chaise longue, it's best to choose a smaller coffee table that is 35% to 50% of the length of your sofa.


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New trends

One of today's latest trends is to choose several small round or straight coffee tables that are coordinated with each other, such as our two-piece set Leonard. Both shapes will fit nicely with a straight couch, but the round shape will 'break' the straight and clean lines and will create a more playful effect. The combination of multiple materials is also finding its way into the world of interior design. This trend gives a twist to your interior and makes it unique. For example, people often combine a marble top with a golden base or an oak top with a metal frame. Examples of both trends are coffee tables Richard and Marvin. 

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You can always find a coffee table, it's just a matter of finding the perfect coffee table. And that is something that often takes a lot of effort. Thanks to these tips from Furnified, you know what to look out for!

Feeling inspired and looking for a nice coffee table? Then take a look at our extensive collection here!