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Our mindset and emotions are largely determined by our spatial environment. Because many people work from home full-time, our personal environment matters more and more. Spaces can lift our spirits, influence our well-being and are an expression of our personality and lifestyle. Find out how you can find peace in the chaotic hustle and bustle of society by creating your own spaces that reduce stress through harmony and simplicity. 



Intelligent and functional storage solutions are there to be appreciated. Storage space allows you to create focused, refined spaces where only a few objects are highlighted. Well-positioned and proportioned storage can bring balance to your space and therefore to your life. A shelving unit that can be adapted to any room and any functionality is timeless and multi-purpose. Every scenario becomes a possibility. In Furnified's wall units, the balance between the open and closed display is very appealing; every item knows its place.

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When you think of simplifying, you immediately think of the Scandinavian minimalism, but that's not what this is about. The focus is on the process of simplifying, and for that we'll be looking at Japan. Traditional Japanese interiors are shaped by a balance of restraint, texture, material, light and shade to create harmonious spaces. These qualities calm the mind and sharpen the senses of the people living there.

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If we simplify our living spaces, we can only concentrate on what is really necessary and important for a functional everyday life. Put your lifestyle at the centre of this and ask yourself what the purpose of certain interior features is. Functionality and clarity will prevail in order to reduce stress.

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Natural surroundings

Natural surroundings significantly improve emotional wellbeing. By using natural materials, neutral tones and simple shapes, you can bring tranquillity to any space. It's important to create a connection with the outdoor environment. Opt for natural solid wood, organic fabrics and rugs and natural stones to add warmth and tactility to a room. Add plants to your interior, ensure good indoor air quality and stimulate your senses. This way, your natural environment can become a healing one.

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If you have rooms that are blessed with natural light, then you'll feel blessed too. Natural light sources enhance the sense of mental well-being and are good for our biorhythms. If you're not lucky enough to have plenty of daylight in your home or flat, you can use artificial light as a substitute. This too will help to improve productivity and well-being.

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With the increasing need to work from home, there's a great need for special spaces that separate working from living. Quiet corners or spaces for retreat or privacy are fundamental to reducing stress. The balance between dedicated space for personal and social interaction allows for focused, uninterrupted rest and recalibration of the mind. A relaxhub is an essential in any stress-free interior.

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By Lien Egghe