Do you see everyone around you going on a trip, but don't have the time or money to go? Then we have good news for you: the warm tropics are coming to you! Thanks to Furnified you can transform your home into a true jungle, including exotic fauna and flora. Ready to rumble?


A tropical interior colours brown, beige and green

Not the fanciest shades, we can hear you think. Trust us, just wait and see. An accent wall in khaki or dark green can serve as a bold base for a statement interior. Combine with white or cream shades for a balanced colour pattern and tadaaa: you will get a natural freshness in the room. Like a tropical scene against dense foliage.

ruben eetkamerstoel furnifiedronde sipegel goud furnifiedrotan fauteuil milan zwart


Prefer a reversed colour scheme? These go-getters in green will also give your interior that jungle vibe.


Fifty shades of green

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jens sofa groen velvetmarmeren bijzettafel bodil groen marmercedric eetkamerstoel lichtgroen velvet


In the tropics you'll find wood with heaps

There is not much tropical about an interior if you do not make room for furniture in natural materials. A trendy label today, but at Furnified we have been working with organic raw materials since the beginning. An overview of our high flyers:


  • Ratten wickerwork: This light and sturdy material comes from the tropical rainforest and is derived from the rattan palm. As is the case with trends, rattan has been back since (truthfully, never) a couple of seasons now. If wickerwork is your thing, then pieces like the Flora sofa and our Milan chairs.
  • Linen: This fabric sits and feels just like it sounds: light and airy. The perfect seat or cushion choice in a tropical interior. Hello, sofa John.
  • Teak: A beautiful exotic wood type that will take centre stage in your interior. Go for a wow effect with one of our beautiful dressers: Oskar or Bob. Tip: Have you gone for that green wall after all? This wood colour goes wonderfully well with it.


The right decoration brings the required entertainment

Whether you go for the accent wall or not, the right touches can recreate a tropical interior and bring the whole room to life. We'll get you started:

  • Gold elements - Hot, hotter, hottest are the tropics. Go for a golden glow too and choose subtle golden decorative items, such as table lamp Carl-Johan. How cute is that one?
  • Patterns - The typical motifs of the jungle should not be missing either. Display them in the shape of a painting (Yellow Eclips), cushions (Zebra) or other accessories, such as vases and bowls.
  • Exotic plants - An urban jungle without real greenery? Then it simply doesn't count. Lose yourself in the huge range of small, large, cute, prickly and especially colourful plants available. We are no experts, but we're fans of the Ficus Elastica, the Monstera deliciosa or the Sanseveria.


Et voila, with these tweaks, your ticket to the tropics equals a tropical vibe at home. Psst, in July we're having sales at Furnified. So you can get your new interior with a discount. You're welcome!


Author: M.AH.L.