Lente woonkamertips

The chirping of birds, rays of sun on your face, blissful warmth, a breeze of fluttering green leaves. Little things that make you happy and letting you know it's spring. But how do you make sure it's always spring in your living room?


#1: Flower power

A nice fresh bouquet works wonders. Choose sunny colours and invest in a nice, distinctive vase so that it goes together perfectly with the bouquet. With our Furnified 'My Kind Of Present' gift box, In which you can find the Urban Nature transparent vase, you'll be all set! In this box you can also find three other home accessories that will be a big hit. By the way, our favourite new trends in bouquets are:

1. Dried flowers: this sustainable version is extremely popular

2. Minimalist compositions

3. Horizontal bouquet shapes

4. Big flowers



#2: Cheerful wall

Create a colourful art wall. You can do this by working with beautiful personal photos, posters and texts. You can also give your art wall a quirky touch by working with different frame shapes and sizes. As long as you do not lose sight of the overall picture, you can let yourself go completely.  Combine large and small pieces of wall decoration, colourful and black and white, until you get a nice overall result. First, position your works of art on the floor to see if the composition is right. The end result is guaranteed to make you happy! 

wall art

These black and white interior combinations with wall art Double Triangle and wall art Black Blocks work perfectly.


#3: Colourful shades

Just as spring is characterised by beautiful colours, your living room will also bloom with different shades. Therefore, integrate some nice patterns and light colours into your living room, for example by adding some colourful cushions or candles. Pastel shades are also a must in a spring interior. They create tranquillity and also add a touch of fun! Need some inspiration? You'll find it here!

pastelkleuren interieur


#4: Summer fabrics

Forget dark winter colours. You can really feel spring by using summery fabrics in your living room. Choose, for example, our linen sofa Leon or our jute rug Agata. These fabrics bring out the lightness and elegance of spring.

linnen zetel


#5: Ravissant home spray

You can also perfectly bring spring into your home by using a subtle home spray. Go for a nice airy and sweet fragrance inspired by violets, green apples or lavender. Not a fan of sprays? Then opt for a scented candle.

geurkaarsen interieur

Do these tips give you spring fever? Then try them out quickly by having a look at Furnified and let spring welcome you!


By Lien Egghe