Eclectisch interieur inrichten

Last year, the Scandinavian interior was a huge trend, but this year, we're hearing a new word going around: eclectic interior. Sometimes you come across a home that really appeals to you, but you don't know how you would describe the style. Then chances are you've discovered an eclectic interior. From a mix of furniture and accessories in different interior styles and design periods to an orderly chaos, find out in seven tips and rules how you can decorate your house or flat eclectically. Because it seems easier than it is!


#1: Different design periods

One golden rule in designing an eclectic interior is that the accessories and furniture should come from different design periods or interior styles. Colouring outside the lines is allowed within this movement, as long as you do not lose sight of your personality. By mixing and matching, the eclectic interior comes out best. A rug from your grandmother's can be perfectly combined with a modern sofa. Vintage, for example, is very popular and a good path to take if you want to create an eclectic interior. Retro furniture with sleek new stuff always creates a characteristic space with a modern influence. Find out how to give old a fresh new look here.

eclectisch interieur


#2: Eclectic colour palette

Keeping all walls white and being able to experiment with lavish furniture and accessories is a good idea. Do you opt for colour? Then keep the general interior design rule of the colour palette in mind. Carefully chosen colours create harmony in your space. After all, the walls are the background of your composed interior.

Paulette Int Stad eclectisch



#3: A game of textures and materials

Creating a controlled chaos is what the eclectic interior is all about. The overall look should not be too heavy, so it's important not to just cram your home with lots of furniture and accessories from different periods. You can also create variation by combining different materials and textures with each other so that visual complexity can be created. Combine velvet with teak or a brick wall with gold-coloured items. Velvet with gold is also a hit. Our Piano pouf is the perfect example of this and immediately gives an eclectic look to the right interior.

Furnified eclectische poefs

Our eclectic side table Firenze is undoubtedly the eye-catcher of your living room. This side table is a beautiful combination of grey marble and black fumé wood; two wonderful materials in one object.

Furnified eclectische bijzettafel


#4: Personalise

An eclectic interior is basically an interior that grows organically and was not designed by a designer. If an interior gives the feeling of coming from a catalogue, you'd rather label it as not eclectic. Personal touches are very important and will make your house your home. Your interior will reflect how you stand in life. Unique items that you have retrieved from the attic of your aunt or grandfather or that you have brought back from a French market as a souvenir, really complete the look. Your own creativity (or that of your toddlers) is more than welcome. Collect books and magazines you like and give them a unique place as part of your decor.

eclectische items


#5: Wall art

Wall decoration fits perfectly in any eclectic interior. It's the perfect opportunity to hang a whole wall full of frames and works of art. A wall collage immediately adds that personal touch if you fill the frames with your own creativity and personal photos. Feel free to hang artworks you have brought with you from abroad or combine them with mirrors and colourful shapes.

eclectische wall art

Wall art Fall Colours forms a playful picture on its own because of the various autumnal colour contrasts and varied shapes. Because the colours of this artwork are so versatile, you can effortlessly integrate Artwork Fall Colours into your eclectic interior.

eclectisch kunstwerk


#6: Don't go over the top

An eclectic interior is busy, but still neat. The style may look chaotic, but that doesn't mean you should leave clutter lying around everywhere. Cabinets full of things without meaning are not the way to achieve this style, but a good collection of valuable possessions is. Some things are better in a box than showing off on a vintage wall cabinet. Think carefully about what you will put where so that the rooms are not completely cluttered. In addition, choose a focal point so that not everything is screaming for your attention and you can never settle down in your own home or flat.


#7: No rules

We gave six rules to end this blog with the message that there are actually no rules. It's useful to have a certain guideline, but with the eclectic interior style, the main thing is to let your heart do the talking and not get too caught up in rules or how others do the styling. See what you feel comfortable with and let your imagination run wild. The most important rule of thumb: experiment freely without being bothered by the above rules!


By Lien Egghe