Een nude interieur

As beautiful as bright colours can be in one interior, in the other it might be better to stick to the motto 'less is more'. Do you want your home to radiate peace and tranquillity, but are you not really into minimalist scandinavian design? Then the popular 'nude' interior trend is definitely for you! This trend fits in perfectly with those springtime butterflies.


Nude tints

nude interieur

Beige, soft pink, light grey. These three colours in all possible shades summarise what the 'nude' trend stands for. Where beige and grey have been a fixture in interior design for a while now, pink has been catching up quite well over the past few years. Forget striking, flashy pink and imagine a stylish 'blush', old pink. So why go for a nude interior? The warm colour accents and combination of all kinds of earth tones contribute to the cosiness in your home. Especially when soft sunbeams fall through your windows and light up the colours - your interior will glow!


Different textures

Think of jute, wool, cotton, linen, satin, … In short: all kinds of natural textures you can add to your room for an ideal nude interior. In combination with natural materials, your nude interior will undoubtedly be the most beautiful.

You can keep it simple, for example by placing various textured cushions and plaids in your living room or bedroom. Be sure to check out Furnified's collection for the ideal nude accessories! Can't get enough of those nude accents? Then consider a rug in neutral earth tones, which will lift your room to a higher level in the blink of an eye.

nude plaid



As for your furniture, a nude interior demands authentic materials. Wood and rattan are your ultimate way-to-go. Opt for a unique rattan armchair, for a trendy vintage dresser. These statement pieces will complete your nude look with the necessary class! Leather or marble elements are also a very nice addition.

nude interieur



Afraid that those neutral colours and natural materials will make your room a bit boring? No problem, there's pink velvet to add some spice to your life! The colour of this stylish material fits perfectly within the nude look and has that snappy touch you've been looking for. Go for a pink velvet dining chair or a pink pouf: plenty of choice! 

roze in nude interieur

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at Furnified!  


By Lien Egghe