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Lovebirds, newsletters full of red frills and an abundance of romantic films on TV; it's clearly almost February 14 again. Joining in the commercial hype is not for everyone, but you don't want to arrive at your beloved's house empty-handed either, especially if your partner has planned a gift. Don't wait until the very last moment to start your search for a suitable Valentine's Day gift, because your loved one deserves something special. With these ten (interior) gifts you will score on Valentine's Day and get your heart racing.

No lover this year? Then why not shop something nice for me, myself and I? And what is better than an interior gift? Of course, Furnified would not be Furnified if we did not have some tips for beautiful interior accessories.


#1: Extra attention for the interior thanks to wall art

With the Corona crisis, you'll enjoy interior design items even more, and so will your partner. Make your loved one happy with a nice accessory to make every day at home a little nicer. Pretty wall art is the perfect solution. Wall decoration gives the interior of your house or flat an interesting boost and that change will not escape your sweetheart's eye.  

Wall art Valentijn


#2: A tasty menu for the bon vivant

If you ask a bon vivant about the perfect date, it's always about good food and a delicious drink. A glass in one hand and a delicacy in the other - this is what the perfect Valentine looks like. Order a home-delivered menu from a local restaurant or brasserie, light the candles and ... enjoy.

Le bon vivant Valentijn

All this is only made better if you can taste it on a beautiful table in combination with nice tableware. This black ceramic table with marble look by Furnified, together with dark wooden plates and terracotta napkins will create a romantic setting for all lovebirds.


#3: A coffee machine for the home barista

Since coffee consumption is no longer at the employer's expense, it's time to invest in a professional coffee machine. Taking a break together, those are the moments to cherish. Buy a machine to make the perfect espresso or latte. With this gift, you'll score bonus points with every coffee addict.

barista Valentijn


#4: Hiking boots

During this pandemic, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of the new hype: walking, and the hiker's high is totally in. Does your partner not yet have a decent pair of hiking boots? Then it's time to give him or her this perfect gift. No better occasion than Valentine's Day, right? LOWA Renegade boots are always a good choice, both for inexperienced and professional hikers.

Taking a break and clearing your head by going into the great outdoors and rediscovering the basic beauties of our environment gives you an extra feeling of love. Plan a walk in a place where you have never been before to test the new shoes and make it a real wanderlust experience that you'll not easily forget. Go to the Ardennes, the Flemish Ardennes or Limburg for long hikes. These boots will undoubtedly become your partner's best friend in all weathers. The first long walk can of course end in disappointment due to blisters. Therefore, walk them in by wearing them indoors.

wandellust Valentijn


To make the experience complete, make it a weekend in the forest or in the countryside. Hurry to booking websites, because slow cabins are in great demand!


#5: A Sonos system for the music lover

Unfortunately, there's not much for the culture freak to do these days. He or she has already skimmed all the museums in Belgium, so this is no longer an original gift. He or she devours books like others have Netflix series; buying a suitable book is not easy either. Then we move on to music, which is what's missed the most now. New music sounds so much better when it resonates from a quality, good-looking speaker. Go for a Sonos-installation, for example, that your partner will enjoy long after Valentine's Day. Not to mention, it will benefit you too, so it's worth the investment!

Sonos Valentijn


#6: A mohair plaid for warm love

There's nothing cozier or more romantic than sinking into your sofa with your partner under a plaid on a cold day in February. Relaxing together. The image is complete when your blanket is silky soft and given as a gift for Valentine's Day. You can choose a woolen one from qualitative mohair. You can find the most beautiful colours at Furnified. Don't worry when summer comes, you can use the blanket outside on a cool summer evening!

wollen plaid Valentijn


#7: Romantic dried flowers

A bouquet is a classic Valentine's Day gift; unfortunately, flowers wilt very quickly. The more sustainable version, a bouquet of dried flowers, is a trendy addition to your interior and guaranteed to please your loved one. Deliver them in a beautiful, transparent vase. With our Furnified 'My Kind Of Present' gift box, you'll receive the Urban Nature transparent vase and three other home accessories, you're all set!

Valentijn droogbloemen


#8: Writing a story together with the bucket list book

The couples' bucket list book is a bit of a cheesy gift, but it can be a real hit. Together, you can write a great story. Already have this one? There are also other nice books by Elise De Rijck, such as the travel bucket list book. Unfortunately, this one will only be used for dreaming of travel in the coming months. 

bucketlist Valentijn

#9: Straws for a colourful drink

To toast Valentine's Day, try a delicious Gin Tonic. It tastes even better with reusable borosilicate glass straws from HAY. They are handy for both cold and hot drinks.

rietjes Valentijn

#10: The light of your life

Just one more interior gift for Valentine's Day. Cosiness trumps Valentine's Day and especially when you're sitting inside together. Make it cosy with lights and give your loved one a real design lamp. With an eye-catching lamp, you'll put your loved one in the spotlight that he or she deserves. 

Lamp Valentijn



By Lien Egghe